© David Hyun Ishii UX/UI Designer

Perfect Properties

Role: UX/UI Designer (from Competitive Analysis to Final Design)

Timeline: March 2018 - May 2018

Skills & Tools Used:

- Sketch

- Invision

- Principle

- Photoshop

- Competitor Analysis

- User Research

- User Interviews

- User Personas

- Information Architecture

- Site Mapping 

- Wireframing

- Usability Testing

- Style Guide Design


Real estate investment is an increasingly popular way for individuals to achieve financial security. It is an exciting and emotional experience, but often complicated. While there are plenty of blogs and agencies providing information, often, buyers new to the market may struggle to get started without professional guidance and waste time viewing properties out of their range. 


To create an application that will provide users with the expertise needed to get started looking for a new home and connecting them with the realtors to help them find their perfect property.

User Research

Key Objectives

Who​: This web app is made primarily for new, small-scale property buyers who are looking to invest for additional income or financial security.

What​: This will be a user-friendly, responsive web app containing a database of available residential properties and land, and comprehensive information on each listing.

When​: Buyers will use this tool when conducting property searches, and making a decision about where to invest.

Where​: Buyers will use this tool at home or on the go. Users can search for properties anywhere, as long as they’re logged in on a device.

Why​: Unseasoned buyers need access to reliable, uncomplicated information about their potential property investments. Buyers get a feel for a place by viewing comprehensive information about the property and its neighborhood before spending time on-site.

User Interviews

I conducted interviews with people of various backgrounds who were interested in buying a home. fortunately I have connections with people across the United States and Japan, so I could have various opinions.

User Personas

Based on the results from my interviews, I developed three personas which embodied our design strategies and thinking. They also represent users of different backgrounds to best represent our users.

Rashida Jackson

IT Consultant

Age: 42

Education: Masters in Computer Science

Marital Status: Married with 2 kids


NeedsRashida makes a good living and wants to invest in property beyond the city for increased financial security for her family.

James Lee


Age: 28

Education: Bachelors in Creative Media

Marital Status: Engaged


Needs: James is ready to settle down. He wants to find the right information for fast decision-making. As well as tools to help him find the right property without wasting time.

Trevor Cole


Age: 34

Education: Bachelors in Marketing

Marital Status: Single


Needs: Trevor is looking for a new project or possible home to live in. He wants to find a property as an investment to remodel for profit.

User Flow

A user flow was created to get a better sense of the user's thought process when using the app. By creating a usr flow, we can ease confusion and frustration so the can use the app seamlessly.

User Stories

  • As a user, I want access to as much written and visual information as possible about properties I’m interested in, so that I can make an informed decision.

  • As a user, I want to be able to contact the right people if I am interested in viewing a property, so that I schedule a viewing.

  • As a user, I want to see how well a property meets my criteria or compares to other properties, so that I can refine my options.

  •   As a user, I want to create a profile containing all my property criteria, so that I am recommended results most relevant to me.

  •   As a user, I want to be able to search and filter properties, so that I can find good matches based on my needs.

  •   As a user, I want to be able to save or mark properties I am interested in, so that I can easily revisit them..


Low Fidelity Wireframes

I made sketches of the basic layout of the app by using pencil and paper. The main focus was to plan the fundamental features and flow so I could easily make changes based on user feedback.

Low Fidelity Wireframes Revisions

The “List View” was confusing for some users.

There should always be an option to choose from a range of options or input your own.

Show the property, which is the only working link, so users know where to click.

Mid Fidelity Wireframes

After testing, I created mid fidelity wireframes. During this phase, I incorporated finer details and settled on the overall flow of the app.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Based on my mid fidelity wireframes, I created high fidelity screens which contains all the details and features of the app.


I now know about users wants and needs when creating an app for real estate. To proceed, I will continue to test and revise Perfect Properties.