© David Hyun Ishii UX/UI Designer

With only a handful of tattoo apps and websites online. There needs to be an easier way for users to browse tattoo designs, connect artists with consumers, and find new artists. When getting a tattoo, it’s a life long commitment so most people want to be sure they’re getting the best tattoo they can. 

A hub for all things tattoo related, along with connecting enthusiasts and artists all around the world. Users will stay up to date with the latest news and trends, as well as plan out designs and schedule appointments with the artists of your choice

Upload a design and choose from artists willing to do that tattoo. This allows users to plan out the design specs, placement, price, and schedule a session from anywhere in the world

Users can easily connect with artists to find out more information on their designs, schedule, pricing, etc.

Tailor your home page to your liking so you are only updated with what you want to see. You can save anything you want to your favorites for future reference.

If you want to see the steps taken to create Inkd, feel free to view my full design process. Thank you!