© David Hyun Ishii UX/UI Designer

For this project we were to redesign currency based hypothetically on an alternative event in history. Since I was a Japanese-American living on Oahu, I chose if Hawaii became a territory of Japan instead of the United States. 

This timeline documented a week of my life using typographic marks. The system I created documents the date, time, activity, location, and importance. 

The Work In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction, an essay by Walter Benjamin, discussed the shift in perception film and photography brought to the twentieth century.


The layout was designed to portray the concept of mechanical reproductions in visual art. How we slowly transitioned from film to digital, as well as other mediums. 


This book was carefully constructed by hand.

Poster created for the typeface "Futura". The colors were influence by Bauhaus, the German art school which inspired Futura.